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Xenobiologists are in charge of the creation, care, and eventual culling and harvesting of 'Slimes', which are extremely dangerous to handle without the right equipment.

Familiarize Yourself

Generally speaking, you and your slimes will be at a remote facility, far from the main station, referred to as Xenobiology. It has many cells to place your slimes inside of, where they cannot get out without some serious effort. Each cell has a disposals chute, used to safely give food to the slimes inside the cell without endangering yourself, as well as a button to lock down that specific cell, in case the glass breaks or you have something even more dangerous than a slime inside. Elsewhere, you should have a Processor machine, which is used to harvest dead slimes and recycle food.

Get equipped

You'll need these items to do your job.

  • A fire extinguisher, to efficiently kill slimes. Some slimes might also light you on fire. For best use, move the slime into a corner so all the water hits them.
  • A syringe, used to inject various fluids (generally Phoron, blood, or water) into Extracts, which you obtain from processing dead Slimes.
  • A slimebaton, which functions similarly to a stunbaton, however it is only effectively against Slimes (and Prometheans). One hit will stun the slime for a few seconds, and will discipline it. A slime baton can be used to build a slime securitron, which is very useful if you're the only Xenobiologist but there is a friendly Soteria_Roboticist onboard. More slimebations can be made in Research and Development.
  • A Slime Taser, which like the above, functions similarly to a normal energy weapon, however it is only effective against slimy things like Slimes and Prometheans. The stun duration is smaller than the Baton, however it can be used at range, and across window panes. Like the baton, more can be made in Research and Development.
  • Galoshes, which prevent you from slipping on wet surfaces. The fire extinguisher makes the floor wet, and not wearing these can be extremely dangerous if you slip while a slime is trying to eat you.
  • Welder and welding helmet. Useful for minor self repairs that will be inevitable, if you or your co-worker is a Full Body Prosthetic or Bound Synthetic. Also useful for mending the cracks on the cell windows, as slimes tend to smash them if they see food on the other side of the window.

Optional but highly useful things to acquire to make your job easier.

  • A slime securitron, from Robotics, which is optimized to fight slimes and other minor xeno-lifeforms.
  • A medibot, also from Robotics, to heal you from minor harm the slimes may do to you, as the closest medical bay might be far away or even off-world.
  • A temperature gun, from RnD. It can kill slimes at a range when set to the 'cold' setting, and can replace the fire extinguisher.

Basics of Slime Care

When you start your shift, you should have two grey colored slimes in different cells. They will most likely try to escape their cell to eat you or your co-worker, so feel free to use the xeno taser to stop them. One of these cells should be dedicated to growing grey slimes, so you will have a renewable source of monkey cubes. If you run out of monkey cubes, you will need to get more from Cargo, which could take awhile.

When your 'grey' cell slime reproduces, you should always ensure that one grey slime is always alive inside, and kill or separate the rest into different cells. It is a good idea to keep one grey extract in reserve in case all of your greys are lost, for whatever reason, as injecting a grey extract will create a new grey slime.

Cells should never have more than one color of slime inside, as they tend to fight each other and it can be difficult to tase them due to other slimes being in the way.

Some colors are more useful than others, for instance;

  • Dark Purple, obtained from going (Grey > Purple > Dark Purple) or (Grey > Orange > Dark Purple), allows for a renewable source of phoron. You start with two sheets, which gives 40u of liquid phoron when ground up, or 8 injections. Generally, the more useful reactions from extracts require phoron, so Dark Purple is a good goal to work towards early.
  • Blue, which is just one step from Grey, will give you two useful things. Slime stability agents reduce the odds of mutation when a slime reproduces, which you should give to your dedicated Grey slime until the chance goes to 0%, to increase the average yield of monkey cubes as well as to prevent the rare but possible situation of all four new slimes not being Grey anymore. Blue slimes also give you Frost Oil, which isn't terribly useful on its own but can be very useful when paired with a Metal Slime, for reasons explained below.
  • Metal, which like Blue, is one step from Grey. Metal slime extracts allow for most types of metal material to become renewable, which includes steel, plasteel, gold, silver, uranium, and platinum. One extract creates 20u metamorphic liquid metal, which will turn into a different type of liquid metal (e.g. liquid gold, liquid silver, etc) when it torches them in a reagent container, like a beaker. Liquid metals are not very useful on their own, but can be made into a solid sheet of material by adding 5u Frost Oil to the reagent container. The Frost Oil is consumed when this is done, and 20u of liquid metal makes one sheet. Frost Oil is obtained from Blue slimes.
  • Purple, which is like Blue and Metal, one step away from Grey. The extract can make a Slime Steroid Agent, which when applied to a living slime, will increase how many extracts it will make when put in the processor.
  • Cerulean, which is obtained from (Grey > Blue > Dark Blue > Cerulean) or (Grey > Purple > Dark Blue > Cerulean), will create Extract Enhancement Agent, which adds more uses to an extract. This is extremely useful, as less slimes need to be breed to produce a given number of things.
  • Red, which is obtained from (Grey > Orange > Red), will make a Slime Mutation Agent, which increases the odds of mutation when slimes split. Useful for if you're targeting a specific color, as higher odds for mutation mean less generations are needed to get there.
  • Yellow, obtained from (Grey > Orange > Yellow) or (Grey > Metal > Yellow), can create self recharging 10k power cells, which are very useful for Bound Synthetics, Hardsuits, Defibs, certain APCs, and potentally anything that uses power cells.
  • Pink, obtained from (Grey > Blue > Pink), can be used as a source of healing, both while alive, as well as when using their extracts. The extracts can produce three different kinds of advanced medications, which Medical might want. The medications can fix organs, fix bleeding, or fix bones, depending on what is injected into the extract.
  • Light Pink, which is one step from Pink (Grey > Blue > Pink > Light Pink), can be used to make a specific slime be friendly and harmless forever, which might be useful to use on a Pink slime, so you can replace a medibot.
  • Sapphire, obtained from (Grey > Metal > Gold > Sapphire), is how you get Prometheans. The extract gives you a slime cube, which creates a Promethean if it can find another player who wishes to play as one.

Slime Protection

Slimes can kill you in many ways, dependent mostly on their color. Wearing the correct armor when handling a specific color can make survival much easier. Xenobiology has been provided with a large range of specialized clothing to wear, when the need arises.

  • Bio Suits, which prevent damage from slimes trying to eat you. Note that slimes will wise up to this and instead try to glomp you to death instead. A bio suit will also stop slimes from spreading certain chemical-based attacks onto you.
  • Fire Suits, as the orange slime can ignite you, and the dark purple slime can release Phoron gas if killed improperly.
  • Bomb suits, as the oil slime explodes if killed improperly (hit with fire).
  • Radiation suits, as the green slime is radioactive. It is also thick enough to protect from slime chemical attacks.

Slime Life-cycle

Here is a chart of all the slime reproductive color cycle.

Slimes start their life as a small baby. Don't be fooled, it is still very dangerous and capable of killing anyone careless. Slimes require food, or else they will die. Starving slimes have been known to turn on their captors.

When fed enough, baby slimes will grow into an 'adult' form, which makes them tougher. When the slime eats enough as an adult, it will reproduce, by splitting into four new slimes. There is a small chance that one or more of the new slimes may mutate into a different color. If this happens, the mutated slime should be isolated from its siblings, as they will fight each other to the death if they are separate colors. A slime taser is useful for this, as it can shoot through the glass of the cell.

Slime Psychology


Slimes can be subjugated by force by various means, with the easiest way being the slimebation. The slime will give a sad face, however it won't harm humanoids for a little while. If it was trying to kill something, it will stop doing so.

Successfully removing a slime from someone it's eating will also discipline it.

Beating the slime with a heavy object repeatively will sometimes discipline it, however this is not guaranteed.


Giving 'justified' disciplining to a slime will cause it to become more obedient, making future disciplining last longer. Sufficient amounts of obedience can make discipline last forever. Note that slimes in that state are still dangerous, as they will still defend themselves against attackers.

An act of discipline is 'justified' when it is done while the slime is trying to harm or eat someone, otherwise it is 'unjustified'.

A slime securitron will automatically engage 'guilty' slimes, but leave innocent ones alone.


Giving 'unjustified' disciplining to a slime will cause the slime to hold resentment towards their captors. If pushed too far, the slime will enrage, and try to kill everything it can see, so try to not be like Security.

Sometimes it is possible to calm down a raging slime with enough disciplining, however it is generally easier and safer to just kill it with a slimebation and fire extinguisher.

A slime securitron engage an enraged slime in a fight to the death, not stopping until the slime dies, or the securitron is destroyed.


Slimes appear to be capable of slow, simple speech, and will respond to various topics and requests that it hears.

If a slime likes you enough or is sufficiently obedient, it can be given certain commands, such as to follow you, to stop attacking/eating/following things, or to attack a specific target. You'll need to say the slime's 'name', or say 'slimes' to give the command to all the slimes that can hear you.

You can also say hi to them, and they will respond.


All slimes have various means to harm things. The most common attack is a 'glomp' which will hurt whatever it hits, and will hurt more if the slime is a big one. Some slime colors will cause a substance to enter your bloodstream if it successfully hits you. Sufficiently thick clothing should stop that from happening.

A more dangerous 'attack' is that the slime may decide to attach themselves onto their victim, which is how slimes eat things. This causes severe cellular damage to the victim, and will require advanced medical treatment to fix, so you are advised to remove the slime from yourself or your co-worker ASAP if it latches on. A slime securitron will rush to you if this happens to you. Slimes won't try to eat inorganic entities, instead glomping them.

Slimes can also incapacitate its target in two ways. First, it can try to knock down its target by shoving them down, which stuns for a brief moment, however it is not guaranteed to work. Second, it can use stored up electricity to shock a target to stun them for a longer period of time. After downing a target, a slime generally will try to eat it if it's organic, or continue glomping it to death if not.

Friend or Foe

Slimes will never willingly harm another slime of the same color, or a Promethean. When under the effects of discipline, a slime will not try to fight or eat humanoids or robotic entities, but will still eat monkeys.

A slime pacified with a slime docility agent will never harm anyone and is incapable of doing any harm. Pacified slimes will also never enrage, even with a red slime extract.

An enraged slime will ignore the effects of discipline.

Slimes Biology

Slimes come in many colors, and most of them have unique properties. Their extracts will do different things depending on the color, as well. Slimes will attack slimes of a different color, so separating them with different cells is required.

When slimes reproduce, there is a chance that one or more of the offspring will mutate into a different color. The chance is usually at around 25%, however this can be increased or deceased by giving the slime a mutation agent or stability agent, which can be obtained from a red extract and blue extract, respectively.

Each color, except for the grey slime, will have a specific trait unique to that color, and may warrant additional preparation before handling. A list of slime colors is provided below.


Rainbow slime

Tier: N/A
Threat Level: Medium
Special Abilities: Never harms or is harmed by another slime due to seperate color
Recommended Preparations: N/A
The rainbow slime is very rare color that other slimes consider to be their color, and so they won't attack it.

Extract creates a slime unity agent, which grants the 'other slimes see this slime as their own color' ability to other slimes, and carries across generations.

Tier 0

Grey Slime Greybabyslime.gif

Tier: 0
Threat Level: Medium
Special Abilities: N/A
Recommended Preperations: N/A
Grey slimes are the first slimes you will have, as you start with two. It's generally recommended to always have a cell with grey slimes, as their extracts create monkey cubes, which you will need a lot of.

Extract creates a fresh grey slime when injected with phoron, which is useful as a backup in case all your specimens die or all your greys mutated.

Extract creates monkey cubes when injected with blood.

Tier 1

Orange SlimeOrangebabyslime.gif

Tier: 1
Threat Level: Medium
Special Abilities: Increases flammability of targets per hit, chance to ignite per hit
Recommended Preparations: Wear a firesuit
Orange slimes can light you on fire if you're careless, however generally this is not a big deal as you have a fire extinguisher (you did bring one right?). If you want to be extra safe, wear a fire suit.

Note that if an orange slime can trigger the dark purple or oil slime's effect.

Extract will create smoke when injected with water.

Extract will create a phoron fire if injected with phoron.

Purple SlimePurplebabyslime.gif

Tier: 1
Threat Level: Medium
Special Abilities: Injects toxins per hit
Recommended Preparations: Wear a biosuit
Purple slimes inject a weak but long lasting toxin into their victim with each attack. A thick armor such as a biosuit or spacesuit will stop this from affecting you.

Extract will create a slime steroid agent when injected with phoron, which is a potent chemical mix that causes a slime to produce an additional extract when processed. It needs to be alive for the steroid to be applied.

Blue SlimeBluebabyslime.gif

Tier: 1
Threat Level: Medium
Special Abilities: Injects cryo-toxin
Recommended Preparations: Wear a biosuit
Blue slimes chill their enemies with cryo-toxin, so a biosuit will keep that away from you. Don't wear a winter coat, it isn't thick enough to stop the injection and it will actually make it take longer to warm up, potentially making the cryo-toxin lethal.

Extract will create a slime stability agent when injected with blood, which reduces the odds of mutations by 15%, and carries through across generations. Useful for your grey slimes so they stay grey forever.

Extract will create frost oil when injected with phoron, which can solidify certain liquid metals like liquid iron, gold, silver, etc. Five units frost oil and twenty units of a metallic liquid will make one bar of solid metal, consuming the frost oil in the process. Some foods also call for frost oil in their recipe.

Metal SlimeMetalbabyslime.gif

Tier: 1
Threat Level: Medium
Special Abilities: More durable, resistant to weak weapons
Recommended Preparations: N/A
Metal slimes are harder to kill by virtue of being able to take more punishment before dying. They are one of the few slimes able to survive a dark blue extract cold snap. They otherwise aren't much more dangerous than a regular grey slime.

Extract creates 20 units of a metamorphic liquid when injected with phoron, which when combined with other metallic liquids (such as liquid iron, gold, silver, uranium, phoron, etc), will turn into the liquid it touches. This makes metallic liquid renewable, and metallic liquid can be converted to more useful solid metal with frost oil.

Extract creates 20 units of binding liquid, which is used to create 'alloys', without the intense heat. This is used to create liquid steel and liquid plasteel.

Tier 2

Yellow SlimeYellowbabyslime.gif

Tier: 2
Threat Level: High
Special Abilities: Shoots lightning, charges electricity faster
Recommended Preparations: Out-range slime with slime taser, wear insulation if possible
Yellow slimes are one of the few slimes to possess a ranged attack. Be warned, the lightning can go through the glass of its cell, so the blast doors may be required. The lightning technically has a very high range, but slimes will only fire it if they are between two to three meters from their target. Yellow slimes don't fire lightning when in melee range (their glomps actually hurt more, however).

Extract will create an object that can be used as a large powercell, with a capacity of 10k. Unlike regular power cells, these will unconditionally self recharge at a slow rate. Useful for APCs, Defibs, and Synthetics. It cannot be used as a substitute for device or weapon cells.

Extract will create an EMP when injected with blood, as strong as a regular EMP grenade. The user is not immune to the EMP blast, so be careful.

Extract will create an object which glows with yellow bio-luminescence when injected with water.

Dark Purple SlimeDarkpurplebabyslime.gif

Tier: 2
Threat Level: High
Special Abilities: Injects phoron per attack, creates phoron fire if killed with fire
Recommended Preparations: Wear a biosuit
Dark Purple slimes inject phoron into its target, which is extremely toxic, so a biosuit is required.

Extract will create liquid phoron when injected with water.

Dark Blue SlimeDarkbluebabyslime.gif

Tier: 2
Threat Level: High
Special Abilities: Lowers temperature of nearby entities, resistant to cold temperatures
Recommended Preparations: Wear a winter coat
Dark Blue slimes passively lower the temperature of entities near it. It doesn't actually lower the room temperature, however. Note that other slimes can be harmed by the 'cold aura'. Dark Blue slimes are also unharmed by cold temperatures, however water will still kill them.

Extract will create a 'cold snap' when injected with phoron, after a delay, which rapidly lowers the temperature of nearby entities, and lowers the temperature of the surrounding atmosphere. It is generally capable of instantly killing most types of slimes, except for the Metal and other Dark Blue slimes, therefore it is ideal for containing a slime outbreak. It is recommended to wear cold protection, like a winter coat, when using the cold snap.

Silver SlimeSilverbabyslime.gif

Tier: 2
Threat Level: Medium-High
Special Abilities: Reflects beams and energy projectiles
Recommended Preparations: Use slimebation instead of xeno taser
Silver slimes will always deflect most energy-based weapons. This includes the slime taser. This can cause you to accidentally discipline the wrong slime, posing an enrage risk if the slime you hit didn't deserve to be tased. The slimebation still works on them.

Extract creates 5u of liquid silver when injected with phoron.

Red SlimeRedbabyslime.gif

Tier: 2
Threat Level: Medium-High
Special Abilities: Moves faster, enrages if disciplined
Recommended Preparations: Don't discipline if possible, otherwise isolate it from everything else
Red slimes are extremely aggressive, and will never submit to your attempts to civilize them. They also move faster than other slimes.

Extract creates a bottle of slime mutation agent when injected with phoron, which makes a slime 12% more likely to mutate, and carries across generations. It's the opposite of the stability agent.

Extract causes all slimes that can see the user, and are not pacified, to become enraged, when injected with blood.

Green SlimeGreenbabyslime.gif

Tier: 2
Threat Level: Medium
Special Abilities: Radioactive, injects radium per hit
Recommended Preparations: Wear a radiation suit
Green slimes will irradiate nearby entities and cause their cell to become radioactive for awhile. This can be bad or can be put to use with creative means.

The extract creates 5u of liquid uranium when injected with phoron.

Pink SlimePinkbabyslime.gif

Tier: 2
Threat Level: Medium
Special Abilities: Heals living entities nearby
Recommended Preparations: N/A
Pink slimes heal other entities near it. Things being healed will sparkle pink for a few seconds. It won't apply the heal to things the slime is trying to kill, so you will likely need to discipline or pacify the slime before you can use it as a source of healing.

Extract will create 'Agent A', a clotting liquid which will heal bleeding, internal and external, when injected with blood.

Extract will create 'Agent B', a bone fixing liquid, when injected with phoron.

Extract will create 'Agent C', an organ fixing liquid, when injected with water.

Gold SlimeGoldbabyslime.gif

Tier: 2
Threat Level: Medium
Special Abilities: Immune to stuns
Recommended Preparations: N/A
The gold slime absorbs energy, and trying to stun it will actually charge it. Despite this, your slime tools will still discipline it, so this is only an issue if it enrages.

Extract creates 5u liquid gold when injected with phoron.

Tier: 3

Bluespace SlimeBluespacebabyslime.gif

Tier: 3
Threat Level: High
Special Abilities: Teleports to target
Recommended Preparations: Seal slime behind blast doors
The Bluespace slime can teleport out of its cell, which makes containing it difficult. The best method is to stun it with the slimebaton, then close the blast doors very fast. Running away from a Bluespace slime without the ability to stun it is generally futile.

Extract will create five 'lesser' slimy crystals when injected with water, which can teleport yourself or someone else randomly once, by crushing it in hand or throwing it at someone. The teleport will never place you in space or on an asteroid.

Extract will create one 'greater' slimy crystal when injected with phoron, which allows for a controlled teleport to a specific location.

Ruby Slime

Tier: 3
Threat Level: Very High
Special Abilities: Unnatural physical strength
Recommended Preparations: Kite and use slime taser, or ask security for riot armor
The Ruby slime is very strong physically, and has the potential to crit a human in three hits. The slime has an outgoing damage multipler, reduced incoming damage, higher base health, and is stunned for less time. This ability can be yours, at least temporarily, with its extract.

Extract will grant a 'buff' to nearby entities when injected with phoron, giving the entity similar boons to the Ruby slime, for ten minutes. The entity will have red sparkles while it lasts.

Cerulean SlimeCeruleanbabyslime.gif

Tier: 3
Threat Level: Medium
Special Abilities: Higher base stations than average
Recommended Preparations: N/A
The Cerulean slime is a 'jack of all trades, master of none' color, so it isn't much more threatening than a regular grey slime.

Extract creates a slime extract enhancer agent when injected with phoron, which adds more 'charges' to a specific extract. It's a good idea to use this agent on your second Cerulean extract, so you get a large amount of enhancer agents.

Amber Slime

Tier: 3
Threat Level: High
Special Abilities: Feeds other slimes passively
Recommended Preparations: Separate from other slimes to prevent runaway slime reproduction
The Amber slime feeds other slimes (it cannot feed itself, fortunately) through some unknown process, and can cause them to reproduce without being fed monkeys. This can be exploited if one is careful.

Extract creates a slime feeding agent when injected with phoron, which when applied to a specific slime, will instantly cause the slime to evolve and reproduce.

Extract creates a gooy clump of slime that is edible for humans when injected with water. It is very filling and sweet.

Oil SlimeOilbabyslime.gif

Tier: 3
Threat Level: High
Special Abilities: Explodes if hit with fire or another explosion
Recommended Preparations: Wear a bombsuit
Oil slimes are essentially walking welding tanks. Don't try to kill one with a welder, laser, or anything that causes burns, as it will make it explode.

If an oil slime gets enraged, it will do a suicide charge at someone and blow themselves up. This is extremely lethal if it attaches to you before exploding.

Extract creates an explosion if injected with phoron. If the extract is enhanced, the explosion is more powerful, but still only has one use.

Emerald Slime

Tier: 3
Threat Level: High
Special Abilities: Makes entities nearby go very fast for a few moments
Recommended Preparations: N/A
The Emerald slime goes very fast, faster than the red slimes, and can make other slimes go just as fast. It can also make you go fast, if it's not trying to eat you. This can be exploited by an enterprising Xenobiologist looking to cut down on travel time.

Extract will 'buff' entities near the extract for ten minutes, allowing them to move slightly faster. Projectiles will hit them less often, as well. The entity will have green sparkles for the duration.

Light Pink SlimeLightpinkbabyslime.gif

Tier: 3
Threat Level: Low
Special Abilities: Will never attack humanoids or most synthetics
Recommended Preparations: N/A
The light pink slime is essentially permanently disciplined. It will still eat monkeys, but nothing else.

Extract creates a slime pacification agent when injected with water, which makes the slime be just as safe to handle as Ian. It might also work on other things than just slimes…

Extract creates a slime friendship agent when injected with phoron, which makes the slime be your ally forever. It also might work on other things.

Sapphire Slime

Tier: 3
Threat Level: Extremely High
Special Abilities: More robust combat tactics
Recommended Preparations: Outrange and outnumber, get a slime securitron
Sapphire slimes are one of the most dangerous slimes, as they are more intelligent than the others and will use more effective fighting tactics, generally stunning much more often.

If two sapphire slimes are fighting you, one will keep you stunned while the other eats or glomps you to death, so bring a buddy or a slime securitron.

Extract creates a slime cube, which is used to create a new Promethean. Use it in hand and wait for a ghost to accept the prompt, and then a new slime person will appear!

Possibly Outdated Information

Below is some leftover information from the old guide. Please inform the staff where and if this information should be replaced back into.

Sepia SlimeSepiababyslime.gif

  • Inject the extract with:
    • Phoron: Creates a camera. How? Slime Magic!
    • Blood: Creates some film for a camera. How? More Slime Magic!
  • Potential Children: Sepia
  • Potential Parents: Sepia, Dark Purple

Pyrite SlimePyritebabyslime.gif

  • Inject the extract with:
    • Phoron: Creates some paint. For the love of all that is holy, don't give it to the clown! There are no clowns. Moving on.
  • Potential Children: Pyrite
  • Potential Parents: Silver, Pyrite

Black SlimeBlackbabyslime.gif

  • Inject the extract with:
    • Phoron: Randomly creates between 1 and 50 pieces of a random mineral. It also has a 1/1000 chance to explode, and a 1/10 chance to do nothing at all. Pay attention and keep your distance when working with black slime cores. If it begins to vibrate violently, run.
  • Potential Children: Black
  • Potential Parents: Black, Green

Adamantine SlimeAdamantinebabyslime.gif

  • Inject the extract with:
    • Phoron: Creates a rune that can summon an adamantine golem, a player-controlled construct that will follow its creator's orders. If no player is available for the golem, the rune will fizzle, but can be re-used.
  • Potential Children: Adamantine
  • Potential Parents: Adamantine, Gold