Job Selection and Assignment

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Preference Rankings

In the job selection window of your character setup you can select how much you would like to play as a job.

There are five levels of priority:

  • [High]
  • [Medium]
  • [Low]
  • [Never]
  • Banned

You can only select one job as high, the other ranks do not have limits. Banned is shown to players who were banned from playing the job (received a job ban). Players who are job banned cannot spawn as that job, they can however appeal the job ban on the forums.

How Jobs are Assigned

Once the game is about to start, jobs are assigned to players.

Preemptive Assignment

  • One head is selected
  • The AI is selected

Round One - High

A table is made, which contains the job name, followed by all the players who have the job set to HIGH:

  • Guild Adept: player1, player2, player4
  • Premier: player3, player5
  • ...

Then players are selected to fill the jobs, if there are more candidates than there are slots available, then a random selection of players are chosen. Those who are not go into the next round along with the jobs which were not completely filled.

Round Two - Medium

A table is made, which contains the job name of the jobs that were not filled in the first round, followed by the players who have the job set to MEDIUM :

  • Guild Adept: player5, player6, player7
  • Medical doctor: <noone>

Players are assigned in the same manner as with HIGH. Players who were still not assigned a job and jobs who were still not filled up move into the last round

Round Three - Low

This round is identical to round two, just for players with the jobs set to LOW


Any player who was not assigned a job spawns as an civilian or is returned to the lobby depending on the player's job preferences.

Tips for Job Selection

As you can see, people who have a job set to high are far, far more likely to get the job, since if there is only one slot available for a job - like Warrant Officer - and there is one person who sets that job to high and 20 people who set it to medium, the one person who set it to high will always get the job.

  • Have your favorite job set to high, if you have two favorites or more, set one of them to high, do not have all three set to medium as you will very likely not get them - especially if the jobs have very few slots available.
  • Doing that will also prevent possible scenearios where a character that isn't supposed to do specific jobs ends up taking positions it shouldn't have, making the start of the round a complete mess
  • Try to discuss with other players before the round begins on possible job conflicts. It would be unrealistic if a character who was a very good Premier last round spawns as a janitor the round after.