From the Find

Chinavare’s Find readers:

Have you ever wondered what would happen if mankind had the opportunity to do it all over again, to take a Mulligan on the last millennium or so of our history? Imagine a multiverse with a staggering array of new worlds to colonize and explore. That possibility forms the backbone of Chinavare’s Find.

The main focus of the Find, like most other tales, is on the characters and how they interact and react. These particular characters have become my old friends. They and I welcome you to come and join us on our amazing adventure. These old friends came about as part of a character sketch in a college writing course at Wayne State University in the 1990’s. Today these characters seem as if they have been with me forever. When I began working on the Find back in the 1990’s, I didn’t tell the young woman, a classmate, that had I used her appearance to create the character that became Eileen because I gave her an entirely new personality.

In 1995, I set the story aside, after moving down to Texas. I didn’t return to the story until the summer of 2008, at the encouragement of my wife. Willingly or not, she has become my editor and sounding board. Amazingly enough, she has struggled with me through my many misadventures, for which I am extremely grateful.

As it stands today, the story is broken into six sections, beginning with Opportunity Calls – Book One, and progressing through Homeward Bound – Book Six. All of my books, Opportunity Calls – Book One, Challenges – Book Two, Distant Horizons – Book Three, Downward Leg – Book Four and The Far Pole – Book Five, are available at many ebook stores. The Far Pole was actually released in two parts, and will likely be changed into three parts.

I encourage you to read and enjoy all of the adventures in Chinavare’s Find. Visit my author’s page on Facebook and share your impressions with me.

Thank you for your time and patience Mark