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The Cargo Technician's role is, basically, to unload crates, load the crates, make things in autolathe and mess with the MULE and mail systems. Don't forget to monitor the disposals area as well.

Your Workplace

The cargo bay is your home as a Cargo Technician and, naturally, where you start the game. It contains a hand labeler, a cell charger and power cell set, a station bounced radio, some rods, a multitool, a med-kit, some empty crates, a copy machine, and an autolathe.

Disposals Mailing

This is an alternative way of delivering items.

  1. Wrap your item/crate with package wrapper.
  2. Pick up the destination tagger and click in your hand to set a destination.
  3. Use the destination tagger on the parcel.
    • Optional: Use a pen to write a message on the parcel, or custom set a destination.)
  4. Stick it on the conveyor, or dump it in a disposals unit, and let the system handle it.
    • Tip: Click and drag the large parcels to disposals units to put them in. This can only be done a few times however.

You can also gift wrap packages, but these cannot be tagged with a destination, and have to be delivered manually. This will not work with large objects. The process is slightly more complicated.

  1. Pick up the item you want to gift wrap.
  2. Hold a sharp object in your other hand. (Wirecutters are the most common for this.)
  3. Click the wrapping paper with the item you want to wrap.

Gift wrapping a human is also possible, but they must have a straight jacket on and you need the wrapping paper in your hand. This is usually not a good idea.

Jobs on Sojourn


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