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As a Chief Executive Officer, your primary job is to make as much profit as possible while helping keep the station running. You have potentially quite a few staff members under your command to aid you in this goal and should work towards coordinating them properly.


Everything your cargo techs order will cost varying amounts of credits taken from your account. It is your duty, as Chief Executive Officer, to keep a steady influx of cash by:

  • Ensuring your cargo techs are selling items at a reasonable mark up and selling items on credit to the supply warehouse.
  • Having the bartender and chef set proper prices for food and drinks and collect all tabs.
  • Having mining trade materials to the soteria and any access goods to your cargo techs so they can be sold on credit to the supply warehouse.

The Art of the Deal

You should be proactive about getting crew members to buy things, some ideas are:

  • Informing the crew of any rare or interesting items you have for sale.
  • Reminding the crew that cargo, the bar, and kitchen are staffed and ready.
  • Filling in for any missing staff members like serving drinks in the bar or manning the cargo counter.
  • Selling stolen, hard to come by, or contraband items.
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