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Core Species

Core species represent large empires or numerous demographics on the colony. They usually have detailed biology, histories, and cultures that are enforced by the staff team as part of our heavy roleplay stance.

Full name: Human/Humans
Commonality: Very Common
Homeworld: Sol (Earth)
Civilization: Sol Federation
Appearance: Humanoid, what else?

Humans hail from the Sol Federation and are former citizens of the united empire that is currently the largest and strongest faction in the known galaxy. Humans hailing from the Sol Federation escaped to the Nadezhda colony to get out from under the thumb of their militaristic and authoritarian rule.

Full name: Sablekyne/Sablekynes
Commonality: Common
Homeworld: Onkarth
Civilization: Varied Lodges/Orders
Appearance: Felid Humanoids

Sablekyne are a vaguely felinid race of horned alien bipeds hailing from the planet of Onkarth. Nearly a century of integration and cooperation with humans have made them openly accept Sol Federation rule. Engendering an easy alliance, they now spread their influence and race to the stars.

Kriosan Full name: Kriosan/Kriosans
Commonality: Common
Homeworld: Krios
Civilization: TBD
Appearance: Caniform Humanoids

The canid aliens of the planet Krios, sometimes referred to as ‘Quill Hounds’ by the Sol Federation, are long lived empire that had only just begun its expansion into the stars when coming into contact with Sol, an event that forever shaped their empire.

Akula Full name: Akula
Commonality: Semi-Common
Homeworld: Donbettyr
Civilization: Traditional Confederacy/Tourist Trap
Appearance: Carchariniform Humanoid

The Akula are a shark-like race that has joined the Sol Federation and are often used alongside other brutish xeno forces as shock troopers and peace keepers. The Akula also have a number of abhumans spliced from their genome, a process that has caused more than some internal strife.

Mar'qua Full name: Mar'qua
Commonality: Uncommon
Homeworld: Qra’Merr’Marqa (Epithemy 5)
Civilization: Caste System
Appearance: Amphibious Humanoid

The Mar'qua are a highly intelligent race of bipedal amphibian aliens older than humans who maintain a passive role in galactic affairs. The Mar'qua empire is an unwilling ally of the Sol Federation and provides much of their scouting and observation systems, and while extremely unwilling, also provide militaristic support in defensive wars.

Full name: Naramad/Naramadi
Commonality: Common
Homeworld: Norian
Civilization: Communal
Appearance: Unclassified Anthropomorph

The Naramadi are an alien race of tribalistic and physically powerful, though mentally slow creatures annexed by the Sol Federation and used as cannon fodder in many ground wars. Originally recruited after a series of conflicts with SolFed, they now serve a mandatory military career alongside the Akula.


Abhumans are humans with DNA spliced from other creatures or genetically modified into a different race. Abhumans take the forms of anthropomorphic animals from earth or races derived from human fantasy. While many abhumans hail from various former empires and groups, nearly all of them are or have been a part of the Sol Federation.

Non-Core Species

Non-core species represent small demographics on the colony and may be abhumans who have developed their own culture or xenos who are few in number but still present on Amethyn. These may or may not be playable races.

Opifex Full name: Opifex
Commonality: Very Rare
Homeworld: N/A
Civilization: Scavengers
Appearance: Avian Humanoids

The Opifex are an enigmatic, nomadic species; plying space-lanes in their skipjacks and shuttles, most looking to trade, others to plunder. The Opifex are stereotyped by their heavy reliance on robots, their apathy towards most sentient life beyond their own, their ungainly avian forms, and their intolerance to oxygen.

Full name: Cht’mant
Commonality: Rare
Homeworld: Chirk (former, destroyed), Amethyn (current)
Civilization: Hivemind
Appearance: Insectoid, Varied

A varied insectoid race, consisting of any and all combinations of bug you could conceive, Cht’mants are a somewhat rare site to see in the cosmos, but relatively more common on Amethyn due to the few purebred survivors of the species going there to rebuild their kind, while spreading and guiding their offspring amongst the stars to Chromin 8.

Full name: Cindarite/Cindarites
Commonality: Semi-Common
Homeworld: Cindar
Civilization: Remnants/Survivors
Appearance: Reptilian

Cindarites are a reptilian race highly valued for their ability to work in hazardous environments after adapting to their irradiated home-world of Cindar. Cindarites were first discovered by smugglers before later being incorporated into the Sol Federation for various tasks befitting their adaptions.

Minor Factions

The universe is a big place, and the Sol Federation's intolerance is blind to race. A million minor factions have existed, exist, and will exist in the universe, representing the infinite diversity in infinite combinations that the galaxy can bring. A member of a minor faction is likely alone in Nadezhda, and few others have heard of their race. But their race is yours, and they are you.

For a guide on how to create your own alien or abhuman race, along with its own civilization, see this guide.

Canon Species in the Sojourn Universe
Core Species
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Non-Core Species
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