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The supermatter engine, located in the west part of Engineering, is the main source of power for the Upper Colony.

The supermatter engine can be extremely dangerous; when deliberately tampered with or poorly set up, it can easily blow a substantial hole in Engineering and leave the facility all but powerless in the aftermath.

Safety First

There are a few important safety principles to remember when working with the engine:

  • The supermatter is extremely dangerous. You can pull it, but any other attempt to touch or grab it, or bumping into it, or trying to use an item on it (you get the idea) will result in you instantly turning into a pile of ash.
    • If it is absolutely essential to interact with the supermatter, you will want to ensure that you have received a backup implant from Medbay in case something goes wrong.
  • The radiation from the supermatter is also dangerous. Inactive crystals release low levels of radiation, but the engine room can be safely entered as long as the core blast doors remain shut. You should wear a radiation suit, with a hood, at all times when working in the active engine.
    • Suits are available in any radiation suit closet in the preceding entrance to the engine room.
    • Engineering voidsuits will not protect you from radiation. They provide some protection, enough to keep you out of immediate danger if you need to work with the engine while it is not atmospherically stable, but you should always wear a radiation suit if possible.
      • The Chief Engineer's hardsuit and EVA hardsuit are fully rad-shielded, in the event that prolonged exposure to both the supermatter and vacuum are mandatory.
  • The supermatter, even while inactive, will cause hallucinations and other mental effects if seen directly. Optical meson scanners should be worn when working in the engine room.
    • Meson scanners are available in the same lockers as the radiation suits, though you should probably be wearing your own pair from your locker anyway. They don't need to be turned on to protect your eyes, you just need to be wearing them.
  • The laser from the emitter is incredibly deadly. Don't walk in front of the emitter while it is on.
    • The emitter beam is capable of damaging and destroying the core blast doors if they are kept closed. Always ensure that the blast doors are open when firing the emitter.

Setting up the Supermatter Engine, plain and simple.

Top Floor 1:

1. Turn input off of 2 SMES Units at north wall.

Bottom Floor 1:

2. Turn on Port to Core Volume Pump and set to max pressure.

3. On the East gas cooling system, turn its setting to max and 0 Kelvin.

4. Turn Port to Cooling Loop Volume Pump on and to max pressure.

5. Turn all 3 Red Pipe Volume Pumps on the north end on and set to max.

6. To the NW replace the Nitrogen Filter with a Plasma Filter in both Omni Gas Filters and turn the filters on.

7. Turn waste pump near Omni Filters on and set to max pressure.

8. Wrench a N2 Canister to the West Connector Port down (Left side of glass).

9. Turn on and set to max all gas pumps in the northwest glass room.

10. Wrench a yellow canister to the East Connector Port down (Right side of glass).

11. Wrench 2 Plasma Canisters down to the connectors (Cyan Pipe [Hot loop]) near the staircase enterance.

12. Wrench 2 Plasma Canisters down to the connectors (Yellow Pipe [Cold loop]) on the East wall.

Top Floor 2:

13. Use South console of the 3 consoles near SM, go to RCON Console,and turn every input and output of substations to 200 kW and 400kW respectively, then turn both input to Auto and Output to Online. (Do not adjust the Engine substations.)

14. Go to the 2 SMES units at north wall that you turned off the imput to, and turn off their outputs. (They should have 0 charge for the following steps, otherwise wait until they are empty.)

15. Use a screwdriver on the SMES Units to open their panels.

16. Bring a gray crate from the southeast corner that has all the coils in it, and use 1 of each type of coil (SMES Coil, Capacitance SMES Coil, and Transmission SMES Coil) on each SMES Unit.

17. Close up the SMES Units using screwdriver, and turn their input and output to online, and set both to max.

Bottom Floor 2:

18. Replace an empty canister plasma canister from the Yellow loop with another full Plasma Canister.

19. Wait until the meter 3 tiles south of the Nitrogen Supply Console reads less than 50 kPa. (As you wait, double check bottom floor setup)

Top Floor 3:

20. Go to the 3 switches south of the 3 consoles, and close the reactor blast doors, close the Engine Monitoring Room Blast Doors, and turn on the Engine Emitter in that order.

If you followed this guide correctly then the supermatter engine should be setup for the shift. Continue to monitor it for a good 10-15 minutes to make sure all goes well.

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