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This is the guide to pets and other critters.

What you need to know about critters

Critters are controlled by the game's artificial intelligence, not to be confused with the AI. Some are friend, and some are foe - some are help, some are hindrance.

Critters are divided into six categories:


Name Description
Corgi.PNG Ian Ian spawns in the Premier's office. Usually chases his tail around.
Runtime Runtime Runtime is the pet cat of Medbay. She spawns in the Chief Biolab Overseer's Office. A big fan of chasing mice.


Name Description
Floorbot Floorbot A blue maintenance bot that will replace damaged flooring. Must be reloaded with floor tiles.
Cleanbot Cleanbot A blue cleaning bot that Will indiscriminately clean anything considered filth on a tile.
Medibot Medibot A medical bot that talks too often and injects sub-par medicine into patients.
Security Robot Securitron A security bot that roams around and dispenses justice. Usually gets the right guy.


A mixture of domesticated and wild animals. Friendly, at least until provoked.

Name Description
Cow Cow A domestic taurus known for being tipped over. Can be milked for milk with a bucket.
Chick Chick A young chicken. Adorable, but makes quite the racket.
Chicken Chicken A fully grown chicken. Lays eggs occasionally, resulting in a chicksplosion.
Crab Crab It's a crab! Prepare to rave.
Fennec Fennec A cave-dwelling fox that enjoys sand and heat.
Fennix Fennix A loosely-related cousin of the fennec. They're more colourful.
Goat Goat A domestic animal with a bad temper. Can be milked for milk with a bucket.
Goose Goose A bird that flocks around the water. Known for a very bad temper.
Lizard Lizard A cute silly lizard. Typically found where it's damp and dark.
Mouse Mouse A pest commonly found around maintenance. Squeaks when stepped on.
Monkey Monkey A cheeky banana-loving creature. Sometimes used as a test subject.
Penguin Penguin An aquatic flightless bird. Isn't this colony a bit too warm for them?
Red Panda Red Panda A tropical mammal that enjoys dense, hilly regions.
Tindalos Tindalos A flightless, much larger cousin of the common grasshopper.
Yithian Yithian A tunnelling creature resembling an oversized snail without a shell.


The natives of the planet who aren't so happy to see you.

Name Description
Bat Swarm Bat Swarm A horde of bloodsucking bats looking for their next meal.
Bear Bear A variety of dangerous bears wander the wilderness, typically black or brown.
Diyaab Diyaab A small pack animal. Although omnivorous, it will hunt meat on occasion.
Frog Frog A large carnivorous frog. The fat thing will gladly devour anything.
Hippo Hippo A large water-dwelling creature known for being viciously territorial.
Jelly Blob Jelly Blob A parasitic creature that gorges intensely on whatever falls into the dark recesses.
Primal Lizard Primal Lizard A hungry, green lizard that roams around and often competes with larger creatures for prey.
Primal Render Primal Render A terror on two legs that even hunters dread. You'd best run, fast.
Panther Panther A formidable feline of great size and strength. One of the greatest predators.
Mimic Mimic This cowardly creature lurks in the guise of common objects. Who knows what it really looks like.
Samak Samak A tough, armoured predator accustomed to hiding and ambushing in desolate terrain.
Shantak Shantak A piglike creature with a bright iridiscent mane. Elegant, but predatory.
Carp Space Carp A carp swimming through the vastness of space, eating whatever it can, including people.


Some robots aren't so helpful to the average colonist. These haywire creations will test your mettle with their metal.

Name Description
RMB-A Unit Autonomous Drone A sentry robot in both melee and ranged varieties. This machine will dutifully challenge anything.
RMB-A Unit RMB-A Unit A small round drone for cleaning floors. However, it can come with some surprising and deadly attachments.
Service Drone Service Drone A highly customisable robot suited for cleaning, services, and engineering - and perhaps killing.
Turret Turret An automated turret designed to guard key areas. Although stationary, you might struggle to get past one.
Viscerator Viscerator A small, twin-bladed machine capable of inflicting very deadly lacerations.


The origins of these creatures are as unpredictable as their behaviour. Tread carefully.

Name Description
Reject Hivemind A feared mesh of flesh and metal. It infests buildings and generates many horrible creations.
Reject Reject This slimy, deficient being can barely do anything except tear into other poor creatures.
Xenomorph Xenomorph An extremely hostile, adaptable alien creature, capable of changing it's form to suit it's environment.


Name Description
Roach.png Kampfer The most common pest among the colony.
Jagerroach.png Jager The Kampfer's bigger cousin, packs a bigger punch and can take a few more as well.
Seucheroach.png Seuche Creates gas fumes to surprise and mask it's attack.
Gestrahlteroach.png Gestrahlte Placeholder I dunno, it's big, green, and fuckin' ugly, just kill it
Naniteroach.png Nanite Tecnho-roach. Can cause small swarms of nanites to spawn and is a good source of nanobots.
Panzerroach.png Panzer The even bigger cousin of the Kampfer, may even hurt you.
Fuhrerroach.png Fuhrer Literally Roach Hitler. It can scream for backup, so if it yells, RUN!
Roachling.png Roachling A baby roach, can grow up to be whatever it's heart desires unless you show it the underside of your boot.


Name Description
Spider.png Warrior The tougher, more painful spider, approach with caution.
Spiderhunter.png Hunter Your run of the mill large spider. Avoid it's venomous bite.
Spidernurse.png Nurse The caretaker spider, weaker than the rest, but is responsible for making nests and turning corpses into more spiders. Don't leave your dying near one of these.
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